XXL monopoles instalation

The ULAM offers unique on a world scale fixation and transportation system of XXL monopoles in vertical position. This noticeably accelerates installation process by eliminating necessity of rotation of monopiles from laying position. Application of this technical solution increase loading capacity and useful deck area of the vessel compared to available solution on the market.<br />During installation ULAM offers flexibility with choosing operation modes. She can install Monopiles afloat as well as in raised mode. <br />During installation in afloat mode the vessel will be relying on its dynamic positioning system. Together with fixation system this will allow to execution of the operation in the shortest possible time.<br />In case of very accurate monopoles installation position ULAM can install foundation in raised mode. For this purpose is equipped with four 120 m length lattice legs with rack and pinion jacking system. Using this mode she significantly increases the chances of installation in worse weather condition.<br />The vessel has been designed to carry four monopoles with  12 m, and length 120 m in vertical position, and six monopiles with  10 m, and length 90 m also in vertical position.

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