Engineering T&I

GPZ Engineerign team has great experience within the ship design for offshore industry. Prior to new design execution, careful planning and client needs investigation is carried out to ensure that the best possible product is made. Each new design requires involvement of many specialist to create unique and at the same time practical solution for the Owner. Our engineers accompany the Owners at every stage of the formation of new vessel, from the very beginning creation first design assumption to the last sea trials and also during subsequent operation. The ULAM has been designed as a modern self-elevating, self-propelled wind turbine installation vessel adapted to transport from U.S. ports and install on wind farm place monopiles, wind turbines, and other heavy equipment in U.S. coast in compliance with Jones Act. The main dimensions of the vessel have been chosen to allow the ship to transfer different types of foundations and wind turbines sets considering future grow of sizes and power of wind turbines. It has been developed unique on a global scale special fixation and transportation system of monopoles which noticeably accelerates installation process by eliminating necessity of rotation of monopiles from laying position. The ULAM has been designed to install the biggest foundations including monopoles XXL both on raised and afloat condition. The versatile leg encircling heavy cargo crane can lift and install world’s largest wind turbines including future developed 20 MW.


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